Deborah Moggach | Best-selling Author
A Quiet Drink
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My third novel launches into the unknown – into worlds I knew nothing about, worlds I made up. In other words, I left my own life behind. I also wrote through the eyes of a man, as well as a woman, and constructed a complex series of plots that only converged at the end.

Book Description

Claudia has always been independent – own flat, absorbing job, a husband so devoted he is almost a housewife. Until she finds herself an abruptly and uneasily liberated woman. Steve Mullan deals in faces – and is perhaps too well fitted for his job as a cosmetics rep. His wife June is the perfect model for his firm’s products. Yet after a year of marriage, life is proving rather less than perfect. It is a sly stroke of chance which brings Claudia and Steve together. Yet neither could know how far the consequences of a quiet drink would reach…


“I immensely enjoyed A Quiet Drink. It is an unassuming novel that starts modestly and ends up as social comedy of the highest order. Ms Moggach is funny, shrewd and has an ear for dialogue that is lethally accurate.”
(Daily Telegraph)

“A highly intelligent, fluent comedy about the consumer society, with…a lot of good jokes…wonderfully readable.”
(Sunday Times)

“Detailed, thoughtful, and emotionally-stripping, illustrating once again that you don’t really know your partner just because you married him or her…a skilful story by a very readable author.”
(Daily Mail)