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Close To Home
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My second novel was also drawn largely from my own life. I was living in Camden Town, London, with two small children. Such is the intense, closed-off world of motherhood, I simply could imagine no other life. Of course I created fictional characters and events, but they were deeply rooted in my own circumstances – marriage to a man who was often away, a long secret garden, and that parched, magical summer of 1976.

Book Description

At 23 Brinsley Street, Kate Cooper struggles with her two babies, the household chores and the effort of keeping up appearances for her high-flying husband. Next door, Sam Green struggles with his novel, his wife goes out to work and his self-absorbed daughter strives to keep up the appearance of a teenager. As the long, hot summer draws on, a heady brew of magic and mischief awaits them all.


(The Observer)

“Funny, affectionate and unpretentious…always a pleasure to read. Moggach has acute things to say about young married life, about looking after children, about the secret places behind noisy North London streets.”
(New Statesman)

“An immaculately observered slice of urban life.”
(Daily Telegraph)