Deborah Moggach | Best-selling Author

In the Heartbreak Hotel Buffy has the bright idea of running Courses for Divorces, where the newly-separated can come to his hotel and learn the skill the other person had in the relationship.

In the book, however, nothing quite turns out as planned. So I decided to make some short films where you can learn some of the skills yourself. I hired some actors and a director and shot them mostly in my daughter’s flat. Not wanting to alter the reader’s image of the main characters, I gave to parts to minor characters who are scarcely mentioned in the book.

First we have Annie. She, rather ineptly, shows us how to make a lemon sponge. Her boss is mentioned in the book – she’s Adele, who runs the local restaurant and who once had a fling with Mick Jagger. Annie tells us a bit more about Adele, and also about Buffy, who she watched having a boozy lunch with Monica.

Then we have Pete, who is a friend of Nolan, the handsome chap who teaches Basic Car Maintenance. Pete teaches us how to check the oil. When interrupted by his girlfriend, however, we find out a bit more about Nolan’s shenanigans…

And finally there’s Jill, who’s married to Buffy’s next-door-neighbour Simon, a rather weedy chap who repairs lutes. As Jill shows us how to change a plug we hear more about life in the hotel, and indeed Jill’s own somewhat unsatisfactory marriage.

I just did these films for fun. They were a hoot to make and I hope you have a laugh watching them – and that they add a certain frisson to the book.

Heartbreak Hotel is out Now in Paperback and eBook.