Deborah Moggach | Best-selling Author
A warm, witty and wise novel about the unexpected twists that later life can bring, from the hugely popular author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Tulip Fever.
Close Relations
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My own parents divorced when I was in my thirties – to all extents and purposes grown up. But the knock-on effect through our family – I have three sisters – was profound. I wanted to explore this through three generations – the fall-out from a man’s decision to bail out in his sixties and start another life, all over again. I also scripted this as a BBC drama, starring Amanda Redman, Shiela Hancock, Keith Barron and many other terrific actors. It caused quite a stir, largely through its sexual frankness: lesbian seductions, three-in-a-bed sex and so on.

Book Description:

CLOSE RELATIONS is one of the funniest and truest novels about modern family life you’ll ever read. Gordon Hammond, sixty-five, a builder who has built up his own, modestly successful business, has a heart attack. Whilst recovering in hospital he falls in love with April, a young black nurse, and leaves Dorothy, his wife of 45 years to set up home with her. Dorothy is released like a loose cannon into the lives of her three daughters and chaos ensues. More relationships break up, passions run high and dramatic developments ensue that will change the Hammond family forever.


“A witty and intelligent tale about the terrifying, seductive lie of stability – emotional, physical, financial, sexual.”
(Mail on Sunday)

“Close Relations has a briskly dark sense of life’s impermanence and of the unsanctioned desires that threaten all our fortresses. Its diagnosis of contemporary life has a tough optimism.”

“Vintage Moggach.”

“An involving study of the complex feelings that both bind and tear apart families.”
(Sunday Times)