Deborah Moggach | Best-selling Author
To Have And To Hold

This is a story about surrogate motherhood, also featuring sisters – they crop up a great deal in my work. The novel actually started life as a TV drama. In the mid-eighties I went to ITV with an idea for a contemporary drama serial in 8 episodes. As it happened, surrogate motherhood would soon be big news so the timing was lucky. I was also lucky to have a terrific cast – Amanda Redman, amongst others. I’d called it “Bearing It”, a title I like better, but the producer suggested “To Have and To Hold” – more ITV, somehow. So when I turned the scripts into a novel it had to stay. It stirred up quite a lot of controversy at the time. It was my first major TV drama, and I loved being involved. In fact it was filmed in my neighbourhood – Camden Town and Holloway – and I once, when I went shopping, I found pages of my script blowing in the gutter.

Book Description

From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Life has smiled on Viv – chaotic, pretty, charismatic, radical, she has always been one for bold moves. Her sister Ann is less fortunate – sober predictable, now unable to have children, she has always trailed in Viv’s shadow. Then Viv decides to give her sister the best present she can think of – a baby. And little thinks of the repercussions her magnanimity will bring. . . .


“A very good novel indeed – contemporary in its subject, compassionate in its treatment of the four central characters.”
(The Times)