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Mandy is such a godsend. Or is she?

As summer hots up (at last) events are hotting up for the publication of The Carer on 8 July. If you’re in the West Country, or the Cotswolds, I’m appearing at the wonderful Ways With Words literary festival at Dartington, on 8 July. Then I’m doing evening readings at Waterstones in Yeovil on 16 July, Hunting-Raven bookshop, Frome, on 17 July, Toppings bookshop in Bath on 18 July and the Yellow Lighted bookshop in Tetbury on 19 July….

Deborah Moggach
Deborah Moggach
Both my parents were writers – my father wrote naval history, biographies and children’s books; my mother wrote and illustrated children’s books. I had three sisters, and we grew up to the sound of typewriters tapping in the veranda, where our parents sat side by side, working. I wasn’t a particularly writerly child, however. I preferred playing with cars and animals. I didn’t like girly things and my hero was William Brown.